Contemporary Vs Modern Home Interior

Many homeowners mistake contemporary with modern home styles. However, the two are completely different. While they are similar in some ways, contemporary and modern exist under their principles.

Contemporary Design

Although some characteristics of modern style can be found in contemporary layout, these two forms have distinct identities of their own. In its essence, contemporary means “of the era,” implying that contemporary home interior styles relate to current style trends whilst still paying homage to the old times.

With a contemporary design, you’re sure to see modern features along with traditional Art-Deco-influenced remarks and futuristic aesthetic motifs. The contemporary style, which dates back to the 1970s, is truly unique in that it borrows features from various early conceptual trends.

Modern Design

Modern interior design trends have many various iterations, making them more difficult to define. However, in its most basic form, it refers to the influence of modern art trends.

Modern style ideals are fuss-free and simplistic, with roots in Scandinavian architectural design. The furniture and decor are based on neutral elements and earthy hues, with no extraneous detailing.

There may also be splashes of vibrancy in contemporary home design styles. Modern interior design styles, on the other hand, emphasize the use of monochrome hues.

The Similarities

Both interior design styles share many characteristics, such as a preference for a minimalist, basic, and streamlined look with clean and smooth lines.

They are distinguished by basic architectural designs that exude a polished and timeless charm. Both interior design styles also use an open floor plan concept to create a living environment that is both spacious and cozy.

And, both styles emphasize furnishings with reflective surfaces, such as transparent glass and aluminum. Natural wood woods are also widely available in both contemporary and modern furniture.

The Differences

To begin with, most decorative items included in modern design serve a purpose, whereas decors featuring contemporary home interior concepts rely more on appearance and aesthetic appeal.

Next, color schemes are one of the most noticeable differences between contemporary and modern design. Contemporary interior design concepts tend to use a more limited color palette of black, white, and grey. It has a dramatic juxtaposition to it, yet it can also swing from one end of the color spectrum to another.

Modern design colors, on the other hand, tend to emphasize aqua, brown, rust, and greens. Most modern interiors do not require frigid or stark colors but instead are loaded with soft and warm neutral shades.

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