Top Contemporary Interior Designers

Architecture and design are not stagnant careers: trends change, technologies improve, and new concerns emerge. The prominent interior designers listed here represent a group of trailblazers whose work is inventive, clever, and, most importantly, inspiring.

Jean-Louis Deniot

Deniot has long been in the business of making ambience, having been named to the AD 100 lists of the world’s top interior designers.

This interior designer is known around the world for his varied and iconic interiors. He plays in a variety of repertoires, never keeping to stylistic purity, but rather allowing his academic degree to transfer into a lexicon that is both relaxed and expressive.

If he does contemporary, he always incorporates a heavy dosage of history and connections to create a timeless yet present scene.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an American artist and one of the world’s best decorators, known for her daring designs and incredible interior creations.

She was a judge on Bravo’s Top Design, and her latest book, Rhapsody, was issued by Rizzoli in 2012. One fun fact, she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in September 1994 under the alias Kelly Gallagher.

Peter Marino

His designs are full of splendor and refinement, but still with that unique touch on a room design that he is known for. He is an artistic polymath who believes in the perfect integration of construction and furnishings.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer whose renowned Knotted Chair captured the public’s attention in 1996. His art thrills provokes and polarizes, but it never fails to astonish with its originality, bravery, and singular mission to uplift and delight the human soul.

David Collins

David Collins Studio develops luxury home design and architectural works all over the world by combining vision and ingenuity. The studio, which was founded by the late David Collins, has changed how people dwell through a sequence of bespoke and innovative works, each with a distinct feeling of each place.

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