100 Top Contemporary Design Experts

Ignite your creativity with these contemporary design concepts and be ready to hear many names that will completely blow you away! Discover the personalities that are prospering in the design business below and enjoy this wonderful collection that we have curated for you.

Chahan Minassian

Chahan Minassian is more than just a decorator. In each initiative he develops, Chahan explores his distinct style into nothing but a design aesthetic. As he puts it, his work is the apex of his devotion, and the inventiveness of his continual work best represents him.

Brunette Fracooli

Brunette Fracooli is a well-known Brazilian elite interior designer who specializes in producing modern and luxurious home interior concepts. She is also noted for combining unusual hues, textures, and exquisite geometries in the same setting.

Dom-A Casa Ricca

Dom-A Casa Ricca is a design company known for creating innovative solutions while retaining a high level of elegance. They also offer guided presentations of many aspects of architecture and interior design.

Cristina Celestino

Cristina Celestino is an award-winning architect and design professional who also works as an art director for high-end brands. She is an excellent example of a designer who adheres to the principle of centering her innovative process on research and study.

HOK Designs

HOK is a global design and engineering enterprise that addresses people’s and the environment’s demands. The designers are anchored in technical expertise, inspired by inventiveness, and dedicated to delivering solutions that captivate clients and societies.

Graça Viterbo

Graça Viterbo, one of Portugal’s leading interior designers, advocates for an avant-garde vision. She established her own design business and effectively manages and develops stunning interior design projects that are full of irreverence, individuality, and modernism.

Jorge Cañete

Jorge Cañete did not decide to commit his life to home decor by accident. He opted to express his ideas in 3D through architectural spaces after a career in designer goods and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Jo Hamilton Interiors

Jo Hamilton is widely considered one of the premier design firms in the United Kingdom, known for its confident use of color, clever use of space, and premium design. 

Marco Piva

This studio specializes in architecture, solution development, and structural engineering. The Italian architect is fascinated by material research and technology, as well as how these aspects might be applied.

Musa Décor

What began as a project evolved into an interior décor endeavor to create spaces full of passion, love, and vitality. Soraia Pereira founded Musa Décor, the interior design studio, in 1999.

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