Styling Your House with Rattan

Rattan is a kind of naturally regenerating palm that is most typically seen in Southeast Asia’s tropical rainforests. It is best renowned for its toughness. In addition, although being exceedingly lightweight, it grows quickly and tall and is a solid kind of wood.

In the 17th century, rattan became fashionable for home furnishings. It is considered a d├ęcor material that connects indoor spaces to the natural world and fits into the global trend of biophilic design.

Furthermore, it is sustainably made, bio-degradable, and less expensive than other forms of furniture, making it a resource that we can truly embrace for a house.

Rattan is very versatile

Rattan’s style and tone inherently suit itself to summertime and beachy interior decor. That being said, you may easily decorate rattan for every season, to match a specific design trend, or to achieve the desired ambience.

If you reside in a colder area, you may easily go the rustic path by employing checkered, Ikat, and patchwork motifs, as well as materials such as wool, stone, masonry, and other unrefined types of wood. Rattan can also be combined with Scandinavian design.

Like timber, rattan holds up well to blemishes and paints. If you’re having trouble blending rattan’s golden color with your specific design aesthetic, a fresh coat of paint can give the rattan a bespoke and contemporary appeal.


Rattan works well as a statement piece

To achieve the perfect rattan look, incorporate a variety of contrasting aesthetics. A decent rule of thumb is to utilize 20% rattan and 80% other elements, patterns, textures, and even potted plants.

Using a modest fraction of rattan in your home will have a softly uplifting effect without overpowering the space. If you can only afford one or two rattan items, choose rattan bar stools, folding chairs, or a singular standout chair.

If you’re working with a larger room, rattan hampers or pendant lights are a terrific option to integrate rattan cleverly if you think the space can handle just that little more rattan.

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